My philosophy about therapy is grounded in the belief that people usually have the resources within themselves to manage life transitions and overcome personal problems. Yet there are times when we need a new perspective, additional guidance or tools to uncover the resources that lay dormant within us.

My therapeutic approach is informed by my training in psychodynamic therapies, mindfulness-based approaches, and systemic therapies. I work collaboratively with my clients, to help them gain clarity on problems they’re facing, to develop a deeper understanding of themselves, or to work towards resolution of a specific issue. Therapy may be long-term or short-term, depending on the nature of the issue and the goals of treatment.

In the initial sessions, I will explore and establish treatment goals together with my clients. Within a supportive and safe environment, I help my clients identify the barriers that hinder their growth while uncovering their personal strengths. Throughout this process, I aim to help my clients become more aware of their thoughts and feelings, learn adaptive strategies, and discover new ways of being in the world.